Volkswagen Plans To Increase The Number Of New Energy Vehicles In The Future

Volkswagen Plans To Increase The Number Of New Energy Vehicles In The Future

Date:Dec 12, 2020

Overseas media reported that Volkswagen group received a fine of up to 275 million euro for failing to meet the 2020 carbon dioxide emission reduction target set by the European Union. In addition, Volkswagen Group will gradually stop production of internal combustion engine models in 2040.


As can be seen from the picture introduction, Volkswagen plans to reduce the proportion of fuel vehicles in the future, and replace it with more and more new energy vehicles. In Europe, VW's pure electric vehicle id.3 has a good sales performance. In October, Volkswagen beat model 3, Renault Zoe and other models to become the sales champion of that month. The existence of this model greatly reduces the penalty that VW has to pay. Without the contribution of id.3, VW will face a fine of about 1 billion euro. Although VW will eventually be fined, it is not far from the EU target. It is learned that even if the sales of its diesel models are slightly higher, VW can avoid the fine.


In addition, Volkswagen is very confident in its ID series and believes that the company will fully comply with CO2 emission limits from 2021 to 2025. After all, 275 million euro accounts for about a quarter of the cost of new car research and development. I believe that in the future, Volkswagen does not want to waste money on unnecessary expenses.

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