What About Car Battery Drum Kit?

What About Car Battery Drum Kit?

Date:Sep 09, 2019

I don't know if the owners have observed it. When you open the front cover of the car, sometimes there will be a bulge in the car battery. Nowadays, many cars are maintenance-free batteries that do not need to be refilled. Although they do not require maintenance, we still need to observe them carefully to avoid the sudden occurrence of the battery. If the battery is bulged or crystallized after leaking, But the vehicle can still work normally, then what about the car battery drum kit? Let me tell you something about it, I hope to help you!

Automobile battery drum bag reason treatment method

Battery drum kits are also one of the common causes of battery faults, mostly drums on both sides. The cause is also that the charging and discharging current is too large, causing the temperature inside the battery to rise rapidly, the exhaust gas is not timely, and when the pressure reaches a certain level, there is a bulging or deformation. It is worth mentioning that the battery has a drum kit during the warranty period, you can directly find a new business.

Car battery, how to do drum kit

If your battery is bulged, it is recommended to replace the new battery directly for safety and trouble-saving. Because the circuit board inside the battery of the bulge has been deformed, it may suddenly break down at any time.

Automotive battery Avoid using high-power electrical equipment

Inflatable pumps, car refrigerators, car vacuum cleaners, car washing machines, rear seat ventilation heating pads, high-powered modified audio equipment, modified car headlights, etc. are all large consumers in the car, because the original battery is in The design only takes into account the amount of power required in the original configuration of the car, and the installed electrical equipment will cause a significant increase in the load on the battery, which will cause the battery to die too much in advance.


Car battery, low generator power generation when idling

The power generation of a car generator varies according to the speed of the vehicle and does not work when the flame is turned off. Therefore, when using these installation equipment, it is the best choice to keep the vehicle in a walking state. Although the generator has started working at idle speed, The low power generation also makes it easy to overload the battery.


For those who use more electric equipment, it is also possible to increase the battery capacity, and also avoid the bulging or crystallization of the battery to a certain extent, and also increase the service life of the battery.

It should be noted that some vehicles cannot be replaced due to battery bracket design problems, so it should be confirmed with the battery merchant before replacement.

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