What Are The Price Factors Affecting The 18650 Lithium Battery Pack?

What Are The Price Factors Affecting The 18650 Lithium Battery Pack?

Date:Jul 31, 2019

1.18650 lithium battery pack capacity

We know that capacity is one of the most popular lithium battery hotspots for most novice users. Generally, the higher the capacity, the more expensive it is. We know that the most stable battery capacity range of the entire 18650 lithium battery pack market is about 2200-3000mah, and the highest can be measured around 3200mah. Therefore, when you purchase a cylindrical lithium battery every day, you must choose a solution that suits your power supply needs. It is not blindly chasing high-capacity lithium batteries.

2. Lithium battery internal resistance value

We know that there are not many household devices for testing battery capacity and internal resistance. For most ordinary families, there is not much time to pay attention to the real parameters of lithium batteries. However, for the procurement personnel engaged in the lithium battery procurement business, the grasp of the internal resistance section helps to obtain the final price of the lithium battery more accurately. Generally, the larger the internal resistance, the smaller the corresponding capacity. For those applications that require high power, the resistance is relatively small and the price is naturally relatively high. Therefore, another price factor of the battery is its resistance.

3. Battery case

I believe that most of the time, the battery case is not sensitive to most battery purchasers, but we have to say that the quality of the case directly affects the final quality of the battery. So whether the shell is excellent or not affects its price.

4. Explosion proof design

We know that because most of the current 18650 lithium battery packs are designed with steel shells, such batteries obviously have the possibility of accidents, so the explosion-proof design can effectively curb such accidents and even tragedies. Therefore, whether there is explosion-proof design is another reason that affects the price of lithium batteries.

5. Intelligent battery management system

We know that most of the time, lithium battery packs mostly use IC circuits to control their various overcharge, overcurrent, and various types of protection, but with the continuous improvement of modern technology, high-quality lithium batteries are fully capable of designing a suitable set. Intelligent battery management system. The design of this intelligent battery management system is another important factor affecting the price of lithium batteries.

The price of lithium battery is mainly composed of three major components: battery core, protection board and outer casing. At the same time, due to the power consumption and current of the electric appliance, the material selection of the connecting piece between the batteries will affect the cost. The connector may also have a greater impact on cost, and there are different PACK processes that also affect the cost.

The above is the main factor affecting the capacity and price of the 18650 lithium battery pack. The length of use of the lithium battery depends mainly on the capacity of the lithium battery. The higher the voltage of the lithium battery, the larger the capacity, that is, the stronger the load capacity.

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