What Is A Solar Bicycle?

What Is A Solar Bicycle?

Date:Aug 06, 2019

Definition of solar bicycle

A solar bicycle is a bicycle that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy and drives a motor. It is mainly composed of a solar battery, a direct current motor, a battery, and a bicycle. The solar cell is a bicycle generator that stores the electric energy that the solar energy turns into. On the one hand, it provides a large starting current when the bicycle is started, and on the other hand, it is used for rainy days and nights.

China's first solar bicycle Ningde came out and began mass production.

China’s first solar bicycle will be unveiled at the first Fujian-Taiwan (Ningde) Agricultural and Sideline Products Fair and New Year Fair held in Ningde, Fujian on January 10. The person in charge of Fujian Hengjiu Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. revealed to the reporter on the 7th that the solar bicycle produced by the company has been introduced in Ningde, Fujian, and mass production began.

It is reported that this weight is only 9 kg of solar bicycles. The style is very simple, the shape is like an ordinary folding bicycle, a blue solar panel is hung on the front of the car, and the battery is not visible; the key is a piece of plastic 3 cm long and 1 cm wide, which is placed on the front of the car. On the button, the car can be activated by induction.

According to reports, due to the full use of solar energy as a driving force, solar bicycles have many advantages of small size, zero pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, and the speed can reach 20 kilometers per hour on a flat road. The company introduced aviation technology to give bicycles a light body shape; at the same time, solar technology was first introduced into the bicycle field.

The experiment proves that the bicycle is easy to fold and carry. It can be charged by the external external power supply in the rainy day, or use the ankle; no matter where you are, you don't have to worry about the return, especially in the wild, you can use the solar battery to the computer, mobile phone, Use for lighting, etc.

British solar bicycle

The United Kingdom invented a solar-powered bicycle powered by sunlight, which looks different from an ordinary bicycle; however, the bicycle carries a canopy that can accept solar energy. When the user rubs the pedal on the bicycle, the canopy converts the received sunlight into energy stored in the bicycle battery, which drives the electronic engine at the rear wheel of the bicycle to cause the bicycle to travel.

It is understood that this bicycle has a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and this solar bicycle can also reduce the resistance encountered by the rider when riding a bicycle up the mountain. According to the invention, the designer of the solar bicycle, Mierjevik, said: The bicycle I designed is purely environmentally friendly and does not cause any damage to the ecological environment. Milyvik said that the bicycle's engine can be charged in sunny weather and the bicycle is not being driven; if the weather is not good, the driver can use AC to charge the battery.

This bike looks like an ordinary electric bike. There is a canopy on the outside of the bicycle to facilitate the reception of large areas of sunlight. If you don't use a bicycle during the day, you can put it in the sun to charge it, so that it can be used when the battery is fully charged.

At night, there is a small battery on the bike that can last for hours. To save energy, the onboard engine can be turned off while driving down the steep slope. In addition, in order to make it easier for the rider to drive the bicycle and make the rider feel comfortable, Miljevik has designed the handles on both sides of the seat instead of being placed in front like a regular bicycle. Thanks to the canopy, even when it is raining, you can ride in the rain leisurely without worrying about getting wet.

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