What Is The Battery Decay Process?

What Is The Battery Decay Process?

Date:Jun 25, 2019

Although the battery life can reach 200,000 kilometers, there is another consideration, that is, the battery pack will attenuate the energy density of the battery with charging and discharging. Just like when the phone is used for a long time, the battery will become more and more useless. Once the battery capacity is lower than the initial 80%, meaning that the battery pack is not suitable for continued use in the car, it is necessary to replace the new battery.

At present, the most accurate battery attenuation test data, only the test data of the own models announced by various manufacturers. According to industry insiders, “the average pure electric vehicle has a large attenuation in the first year, which is about 8%, but will be 4% in the next 2-3 years, and will be 1% slower after 5-6 years.”

Looking at the battery attenuation chart returned by thousands of Tesla owners abroad, it can be seen that after running 100,000 kilometers, the average battery attenuation of the Model S is only 6%. After running 250,000 kilometers, the average battery attenuation was less than 10%. Although there are cases where the individual owners have abnormal attenuation, the average attenuation is not large.


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