What Is The Difference Between A Power Lithium Battery And A Capacity Lithium Battery?

What Is The Difference Between A Power Lithium Battery And A Capacity Lithium Battery?

Date:Jul 05, 2019

1, The voltage is different

In the battery industry, the voltage is increased, and the corresponding output voltage is also increased, so that the power type lithium battery pack can satisfy some high-power devices; and the parallel mode directly affects the current of the entire battery pack. Increase, and the capacity is affected by the current at the output, so the direct effect of the parallel is to increase the capacity of the lithium battery pack. The capacity of the battery pack connected in this way tends to be relatively large, so-called capacity lithium. Battery.

2, The application of the product is different

Some large devices require a higher voltage value because a low-power battery pack does not work, so a power-type lithium battery pack is required. For example, the electric bicycles we usually use, the voltage value required by them is often 48V. Compared with some situations in our lives, 48V is not too small. Therefore, it is necessary to use a power type lithium battery pack to ensure the operation of the electric bicycle. And we usually go to some large supermarkets or shopping malls, some sign lights and backup power, because these devices do not consume a lot of power, so they generally use capacity lithium battery packs, which are different in product application. of.

3, The internal resistance is different

The internal resistance of the power lithium battery is smaller than that of the capacity lithium battery. Taking 18650 as an example, a good manufacturer with a 3 times rate discharge generally has a PDC, and the internal resistance is about 40; the 5 times rate discharge generally does not have a PDC internal resistance 20 about.

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