Why Are More And More Solar Street Lights Using Lithium Batteries?

Why Are More And More Solar Street Lights Using Lithium Batteries?

Date:Jun 29, 2019

With the deepening of socialist new countryside and the construction of beautiful villages, solar street lights have become the preferred lighting equipment. Solar streetlights not only save energy and protect the environment, but also generate electricity bills, so they have been welcomed by the broad masses of the people. In the past, many solar street lamps used lead-acid batteries, and now, lithium batteries are basically used.

Why are lithium batteries so popular? What are the advantages of lithium batteries compared to lead-acid batteries?

1. Lithium battery is small in size, light in weight and easy to transport. Compared with the lead-acid colloidal battery used in the same-power solar street lamp, the weight is about one-third and the volume is about one-third. As a result, transportation is easier and transportation costs naturally fall.

2. Lithium battery has high energy density and long service life. Energy density refers to the amount of energy stored in a certain unit of space or mass. The greater the energy density of the battery, the more electricity is stored per unit weight or volume. There are many factors that affect the life of a lithium battery, and energy density is one of the most important internal factors.

3. Solar street lights using lithium batteries are easy to install. When installing a traditional solar street light, a battery pit needs to be reserved, and the battery is placed in the underground box to be sealed. The installation of lithium solar street lamps is much more convenient, and the lithium battery can be directly mounted on the bracket, using hanging or built-in type.

4. Lithium solar street lights are easy to maintain. Lithium-ion solar street lights only need to remove the battery from the light pole or the battery board during maintenance, while the traditional solar street light needs to dig up the buried battery in the maintenance, which is more troublesome than the lithium solar street light.

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