Why Are New Energy Vehicles Selling So Well?

Why Are New Energy Vehicles Selling So Well?

Date:Jul 09, 2019

With the increasing awareness of the protection of the environment, the choice of vehicles will basically take the choice of new energy vehicles as the object of consideration. At the same time, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the quantity is also rapidly increasing. In the past year, the number of new energy vehicles reached about 2.61 million in 2018, and the proportion of new energy vehicles is expanding year by year. As the quantity of possession increases, the advantages of new energy vehicles also become prominent. When it comes out, new energy vehicles sell well, mainly for the following reasons?

The first is the energy saving and emission reduction of vehicles, and the cost of using the car is low. In the new energy vehicles, compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, in terms of the cost of using the vehicles, the new energy vehicles do not need to be replaced with such maintenance. For the fuel car, it needs to replace and maintain the oil, and it takes about four times a year to drive 20,000 kilometers per year, but for new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles. Need to do the inspection on the line, at the same time, in the price of the vehicle, when the new energy car, you can enjoy the national policy subsidies, then the same cost-effective vehicle, then the budget on the car has been greatly reduced.

At the same time, in terms of travel, new energy vehicles can enjoy convenient travel in restricted cities, and do not need to shake the number, for consumers, whether the country or the local government have introduced a car subsidy policy, even In recent years, the subsidy policy has declined, but the amount of subsidies is still attractive. The price of new energy vehicles is usually equal to that of fuel vehicles after subsidies, and new energy vehicle manufacturers often provide after-sales service higher than fuel vehicles. First of all, it can be seen from the warranty of the vehicle. The warranty of the new energy vehicle is basically eight years or 150,000 kilometers of warranty, especially the vehicle battery. For example, BYD battery cells provide a lifetime warranty. Therefore, in terms of vehicles, the purchase of new energy vehicles also provides great confidence and protection to the purchasers.

In general, although the technology of pure electric vehicles is constantly innovating, although there will be some problems, it is undeniable that pure electric vehicles are the general trend in the future, and the technology is constantly improving. Greatly increased the determination to buy vehicles, coupled with the major car companies or car dealers continue to improve the follow-up service of new energy vehicles, so this has become the reason for the sales of new energy vehicles.

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