Why Can't Electric Vehicle Batteries Be Replaced By Lithium Batteries?

Why Can't Electric Vehicle Batteries Be Replaced By Lithium Batteries?

Date:Apr 11, 2019

Are lithium batteries as disappointing as new energy vehicles?

Not only the battery of the electric vehicle (lead-acid battery) is not replaced by the lithium battery, but the traditional automobile and motorcycle basically use the lead-acid battery, and the lithium battery takes the lead-acid battery, which seems to replace the traditional one with the new energy vehicle. Diesel locomotives are just as difficult. According to the reason that lithium batteries have been developed for so many years, they have reached a certain stage of maturity, but consumers do not seem to appreciate it. There are reasons for this. The core issues are nothing more than cost performance, reliability, safety and convenience.The battery is just a power source used in mobile places. From this point of view, there is no essential difference between the car battery and the mobile phone battery, but now all the mobile phones have used lithium batteries. Imagine if you put a lead acid on your mobile phone. Battery use, what do you feel, higher than the early big brother's return rate, but you have to have Zhang Fei's muscle arm, but also a whole hemp bag to put. Therefore, lithium batteries are suitable for use in these very demanding applications, which is a rigid requirement, but there is no such strong demand in the automotive case.

Although the car also pays attention to the space volume and energy density ratio, but did not reach the point where people should do physical operation, because the lithium battery energy density is three to five times higher than the lead-acid battery, which is not fully utilized in the car. Although the battery is heavy, but compared to the body, it is not very heavy. After all, the car is running on wheels. There is no need for people to carry it, and there is no comparability with the strong demand of people holding mobile phones.

There are still a lot of people who don’t have money, at least for cycling.

The same capacity, the surface price of lithium batteries is about three times that of lithium batteries. Although the life of lithium batteries is theoretically three times higher than that of lead acid, it seems to offset each other. Lithium batteries are only an initial investment. However, the actual fact has not taken into account an important factor, that is, the lithium battery is currently broken, there is basically no recycling channel, even if there are some can not sell a few dollars, and lead-acid batteries, even if you use rotten, you can still follow 1.8 yuan / Anshi's price to recover, at least can also recover 30% of the new battery price, Imagine, now the manufacturing industry does not have such a high profit, I can make a lot of money to sell a waste, I rely on lithium battery.

Although lead-acid batteries can only be used for about one and a half years, but after using the lithium battery for two years, it is not the same. I changed the new lead-acid battery and it can be rejuvenated, and the lithium battery you ride. , still old, in contrast, lead-acid batteries are cost-effective, at least for ordinary people commuting to work.

Sending a fast delivery takeaway, you really have to consider the cruising range.

The same volume, lithium battery can run farther, but increase the mileage, the cost increase does not say, and for ordinary people to go to work, or buy food life, the role is not very obvious, now can be found everywhere in the city Charging the plug, charging at home for one night, generally enough, temporary use, the unit or a friend's home can also be used, after all, is used nearby, a little far away, you can take the car or open four rounds. The battery car itself is a product of the ban on motorcycles. If you pay attention to mileage, it is far from being a motorcycle.

Of course, for groups that send takeaways and send express delivery, it is necessary to make time and mileage to make money. They will give priority to lithium batteries. After all, it is a tool for making a living. The mileage is farther, they can make more money. . Lithium battery maintenance and repair is too much trouble.

Lead-acid battery, there is no management system, it is good to replace it directly, simple is power. Lithium batteries are too delicate, and we must protect the board and the like. At present, there seems to be no uniform standard on the market. If it is broken, it can only be retrieved. Imagine buying a small electric car, which is not to bring convenience to yourself. Well, you can find accessories when you are broken. If you are broken, you have to mail it back to the factory for processing. There are really few people who are willing to wait.

Mobile phones often have examples of explosions during charging. There are also many problems during use. However, the battery capacity of mobile phones is small, and they can't be found right now. They can only be used, but the cars are different. The density is too high, and the capacity is big. Once there is a problem, the explosion is really terrible. It is also very dangerous to catch fire when charging. No one is willing to use it with a "small bomb", and the lead-acid battery is basically excluded. This possibility is also an important reason why lead-acid batteries can last for a long time.


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