Why Do New Energy Owners Have Mileage Anxiety?

Why Do New Energy Owners Have Mileage Anxiety?

Date:Jul 03, 2019

Speaking of electric cars, the word mileage anxiety must be inseparable.

First, why there is mileage anxiety

1. Mileage anxiety is not unique to electric vehicles.

Let's start with a noun explanation. What is mileage anxiety? The explanation given by a certain encyclopedia is "the mental pain or anxiety caused by the sudden loss of electricity when driving an electric car." The term mileage anxiety seems to be accompanied by an electric car appearing in front of us. But in fact, we have to scream for electric cars, and mileage anxiety has existed since the "old".

2. Mileage anxiety stems from fluctuations in the mileage of electric vehicles

After more than one hundred years of development of the internal combustion engine, the increase in thermal efficiency has kept the cruising range of the fuel vehicle within a certain range and exceeded people's psychological expectations. The technology of electric vehicles can be said to have just started, the range of vehicle cruising range is large, and there is a gap between the psychological expectations of consumers, which is likely to cause mileage anxiety.

3. Some official battery life has aggravated the psychological gap between consumers.

Another reason is that the cruising range we have seen now, the constant speed life announced by the manufacturer, and the endurance calculated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology according to the NEDC working condition standard can not truly reflect the actual driving range under the complicated working conditions of the electric vehicle, further aggravating The difference between consumer psychological expectations and actual mileage.

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