Why Do You Need To Recycle Used Batteries?

Why Do You Need To Recycle Used Batteries?

Date:Mar 30, 2019

The battery is a daily consumer product in our daily life. It can be divided into a primary battery (non-rechargeable battery) and a secondary battery (rechargeable battery). China consumes about 7 billion such batteries each year.

Although the batteries we use today are generally low-mercury, improper handling of some heavy metals will still cause harm to land, water and society. An ordinary No. 1 used battery can cause water pollution of 16 square meters of land and 70 tons of water, and continuously release harmful substances in the underground for hundreds of years; chemicals in secondary batteries (such as lead, cadmium, nickel, Cobalt, etc.) can damage the central nervous system, the digestive system, the blood circulatory system, the bones, and the reproductive system when it enters the body through water or food.

In addition, from the perspective of resource utilization, there is no metal ore grade in nature that can be compared with used dry batteries. The data show that the cobalt content of the failed lithium battery is 850 times the average grade of domestic cobalt ore. About 5 tons of waste lithium battery can recover 1 ton of non-ferrous metal cobalt; 3,000 tons of used batteries can recover 141 tons of miscellaneous zinc ingot, metallurgical dioxide 300 tons of manganese, 260 tons of iron, 181 tons of electrolytic zinc, 340 tons of electrolytic manganese dioxide, 500 tons of iron, the value is equivalent to the cost of developing two medium-sized mines in the country, not to mention these are non-renewable one-time resources. We can't fill in the waste batteries while we continue to excavate natural mineral deposits, and we are rich in mines.

At the same time, the latest national regulations also advocate that the used batteries contain a large amount of metal materials, and priority is given to resource recycling under the premise of using the process environment safety.

Therefore, please call on your loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors and more people to recycle the waste batteries produced and produced together, and contribute to the cause of saving resources and protecting the environment. At the same time, we also hope that through this activity, we will pass on the life concept of waste sorting, waste utilization and environmental protection information to all walks of life to jointly safeguard our beautiful home.

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