Why Is This Group Of 14-year-old Super-powered Batteries Longevity?

Why Is This Group Of 14-year-old Super-powered Batteries Longevity?

Date:Mar 27, 2019

Battery life

Has always been a matter of great concern to everyone.How many years of battery can be considered a long life?6 years? 8 years? Still 10 years?Chaowei is not the first time to explode longevity batteryThis timeXiaowei teacher takes everyone to se14-year-old super-powered old battery.

This group of 14-year-old Chaowei old battery comes from Qitai, Xinjiang. Since the electric car has not been used for a long time, its owner has entrusted the battery to Mr. Wang Junqi, the local super-wei terminal operator. We can clearly see the battery from the photo. Production time: 20040327.


Since March 27, 2004, it has been nearly 14 and a half years. According to Mr. Wang, this battery can be recharged after being removed. It can still ride more than 10 kilometers with a single charge. The 14-year-old battery is actually not available. Direct scrapping, can also be used.

It is understood that the owner of this battery has been riding an electric car to go to work, usually pay attention to maintenance, originally put a period of time that the battery should not be used, but Mr. Wang can run more than 10 kilometers after charging, Chaowei battery The durability and endurance are still very surprising.

Always envy other people's electric car longevity, battery longevity, complaining that their battery quality is not good, life is not long, in addition to the quality of the battery itself, in fact, maintenance is really a very effective way to extend battery life.

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