Battery Powered Generator

XRSN-MP330W,Battery powered generator.More series,200W,500W,700W,1000W.(
For your outhood party ,vacation,emergency,working,Small construction site.

 XRSN-MP300W  Details---Chilwee

Rated power:330W
Rated capacity:288.6wh
Standard capacity:3.7V78000mAh
Overload protection:360± 20W
AC output:240V± 10%/50HZ
Output Wave:Sine Wave
USB output:QC3.0/18W
Type-C output:QC3.0/18W
Cigarette lighter output :12V/10A
DC 5521 output:12V/5A
Wireless charging:5W
Charging input Voltage:12-24V
Working temperature:▬10-40℃
Weight(Net weight):≈3.3kg
Weight(with accessories):≈4.3kg
Dimension: 205*155*165mm
Standard:Australia Standard

Portable Power Station

***Purchase the product you will get:

Accessories include: charger, solar charging Wire, car charge wire.

***More colors for your choice.

more colors




***Chilwee XRSN-MP330W Battery powered generator, for your all outdoor times .

More series,200W,500W,700W,1000W.

You can enjoy the delicious food cooked by yourself and enjoy the music.

Suitable for cars, rice cookers, home coffee makers, on-board refrigerators, mobile phones, computers,i-Pad,ect...

charging for i-Pad  For coffee machine

outdoor cooking  parties

We have good quality control and our products are internationally recognized , our products are distributed all over the world .


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