Portable Camping Generator

Chilwee XRSN-MP200W,330W,500W,700W,1000W, Portable Camping Generator,portable power station.Accessories include: charger, solar charging wire, car charge wire.Outdoor, RV/van, camping, emergency.Suitable for family camping emergency backup power supply.

Portable Camping Generator

Rated power:


DC 5521 output:


Rated capacity:


Wireless charging:


Standard capacity:


Charging input Voltage:


Overload protection:

230± 20W

Working temperature:


AC output: 

240V± 10%/50HZ

Weight(Net weight):


Output Wave: 

Sine Wave

Weight(with accessories):


USB output:




Type-C output:


Standard :

Australia Standard

Cigarret lighter output:


Our company

Chilwee group was founded in 1998, main board listing in Hong Kong in 2010, the existing staff of more than 20000 people, has 108 subsidiary branch in the whole world, is a professional green energy solution provider since its inception, adhere to advocate green energy, perfect human life for the development of mission, to become the world's great companies for new energy industry development goals, to technology and innovation of products won the market recognition and trust of consumers and the leading products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world,The company ranks the 60th among the top 154 Chinese enterprises in the Top 500 of China's manufacturing industry and the 37th among the top 10 of China's Top 100 light industry new energy batteries with its comprehensive strength. It has been leading China's battery industry for many years.

Our product

Solve long-distance home outdoor electricity problem

Chilwee XRSN-MP 200W,330W,500W,700W,1000W. Outdoor camping, self-drive travel, car emergency electricity, electric rice cooker, car refrigerator, induction cooker, cooking kettle, wok, uav, etc.One to solve the outdoor electricity problem.

Strong compatibility, meet the needs of all kinds of equipment

Strong compatibility, support multiple devices charging at the same time, multi-interface design,  no need to wait for charging.

Mechanical balance, more comfortable to carry

The overall use of mechanical balance principle, when out to carry to maintain strength, ergonomically designed handle, comfortable radian fit the palm, enhance the sense of comfort.

Multi-scene use

Outdoor party, outdoor work, car charging, family emergency

Accessories include: charger, solar charging wire, car charge wire.

Various color appearance, can be customized according to your preferences.

Portable Camping Generator



Portable Camping Generator

outdoors parties Portable Camping GeneratorUAV Portable Camping Generator

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