Portable Outdoor Generators

Chilwee XRSN-MP200W,330W, 500W,700W,1000W, Portable Camping Generator,portable power station,Portable Outdoor Generators.
Accessories include: charger, solar charging wire, car charge wire.Outdoor, RV/van, camping, emergency.Suitable for family camping emergency backup power supply.
Rated power:200W
Rated capacity:222wh
Standard capacity:3.7V60000mAh
Overload protection:230± 20W
AC output: 220V± 10%/50HZ
Output Wave: Sine Wave
USB output:QC3.0/18W
Type-C output:QC3.0/18W
Cigarret lighter output:12V/10A
DC 5521 output:12V/5A
Wireless charging:5W
Charging input Voltage:12-24V
Working temperature:▬10-40℃
Weight(Net weight):≈3.1kg
Weight(with accessories):≈4.1kg
Dimension: 205*155*165mm
Standard:Europe Standard

Our company

The CHILWEE Group employs more than 20 top experts from both across the country and all over the world whose expertise spans from basic theory, materials, industrial batteries, motive batteries and

lithium-ion batteries.

Chilwee independently researched and developed battery non-Cadmium container formation technology which is in the leading position in the industry in China. This technology helps to save energy 28.5%, save water 90%, and non-discharge of waste water. It has already been listed in “National Torch Program”, and it has also been awarded “UN International Green Environment Protection Award ”.

Our product

≥Solve long-distance home outdoor electricity problem

≥XRSN-MP200W,330W, 500W,700W,1000W, Portable Camping Generator. Self-drive travel, electricity without worry.

≥Outdoor camping, car emergency electricity, electric rice cooker, car refrigerator, induction cooker, cooking kettle, wok, uav, etc.One to solve the outdoor electricity problem.

≥Strong compatibility, meet the needs of all kinds of equipment

≥Strong compatibility, support multiple devices charging at the same time, multi-interface design,  no need to wait for charging. Real-time display of remaining power, remaining time.

≥Mechanical balance, more comfortable to carry

≥The overall use of mechanical balance principle, when out to carry to maintain strength, ergonomically designed handle, comfortable radian fit the palm, enhance the sense of comfort.

≥Multi-scene use

≥Outdoor party, outdoor work, car charging, family emergency

≥Accessories include: charger, solar charging wire, car charge wire.

≥color appearance, can be customized according to your preferences.

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